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beautiful clean lake

Post Falls, ID

beautiful clean lake
Clearwater Springs: Your Water Treatment Specialist

Water Treatment Services in Post Falls, ID

At Clearwater Springs Water Treatment, we take pride in serving the residents of Post Falls, ID, with unmatched water treatment services. In Post Falls, where water is an integral part of our daily lives, ensuring its purity and safety becomes paramount. And that’s exactly where we come in.


Dealing with hard water spots on dishes? Finding rust stains due to iron in your water? Whether you’re drawing water from the lake or need better drinking water quality, Clearwater Springs has you covered. Our extensive range of services, including Iron Removal, Hard Water treatment, Lake Water solutions, and Drinking Water enhancement, are all designed to cater to the distinct needs of our customers.


We believe in a consultative approach. Before recommending a solution, our team diligently assesses your water concerns. And with our current promotions, you can avail of free estimates, enabling you to decide the best course of action without any financial burden.


For residents of Post Falls, ID, water purity is non-negotiable. Let Clearwater Springs Water Treatment be your trusted partner in ensuring you get the very best.

Discover Purer Water Today!

Embrace the purity and safety with Clearwater Springs. Residents of Post Falls, ID, avail of our free estimates and enjoy our services!