White scale buildup on your faucets and failing appliances can be an indicator of hard water.  We are here to help!

What is all this white scale buildup all over my house?

Did you know that over 85% of the nation has hard water? Here in North Idaho we have some extreme hardness. Hardness is measured in grains per gallon (GPG). The scale goes from 0-10. Anything over 10 is really heavy extreme amounts. All of Coeurd'Alene, Post falls, and Rathdrum is 10 or higher. Some parts of north east Hayden can be as high as 25! This is the reason behind all of that destructive white scale buildup you are seeing around your home.

The destruction gets worse when you heat up hard water!

When hard water goes into your hot water heater, coffee maker, dishwasher, washing machine, iron, humidifier, or any other appliance that heats water it really intensifies the destructiveness of it. White scale builds and builds upon itself until it clogs up and destroys appliances. Have you ever wondered why your electric hot water heater has only lasted 4 years and already needs replaced? Or maybe you had a tankless hot water heater installed less than a year ago and you are already having problems with it? The hard water is to blame.

Well what is the solution then?

A water softener! A salt based water softener is the answer. It is the only way to fully remove all of the hardness in the water and completely solve all of your hard water problems. The water softeners we use also remove iron and sediments and have no cartridge filters of any kind to replace and they are made in the USA. They even have a built in battery backup so if the power goes out it will hold it's settings until the power comes back on. We use metered softeners which means that they count every gallon of water used in the home and will only regenerate based on gallons of water used in the house which makes them extremely effecient. An average family of 4 will use approximately 1 bag of salt per month. The water softeners holds 6 bags of salt which means you only have to add salt twice a year.

Now that you have clean soft water flowing through your home you will start to notice some amazing changes. Soft water helps soap perform better. Laundry stains will come out easier, dishwashers will clean dishes better, your hot water heater is going to be more efficient and have faster hot water recovery times, shower doors will no longer have that crusty white buildup that's hard to clean off, when you wash a car you'll notice much less water spotting when it dries, and the list keeps on going.

Don't be fooled by salt free water conditioners, magnets, electric coils, or any other water softener alternative. We have tried several different brands and types ourselves and have been beyond disappointed with the results. If you truly want to solve the water hardness issue then stick to a salt based water softener.

Contact us today for a free on site water quality evaluation and quote! One of our Certified Water Treatment Specialists will come to your home and answer any questions you might have.

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